Mission Statement


To provide a safe, reliable, environmentally sensitive and financially responsible water supply and wastewater disposal system to our customers and promote conservation of water resources.


  1. Secure a safe and reliable water supply for our customers.
  2. Disposal and treatment of waste water in an environmentally responsible manner.
  3. Support and encourage water conservation through education and demonstration projects.
  4. Insure the financial viability of the district through sound fiscal management and disciplined decision making.
  5. Maintain open communication and promote transparency with our customers over above what is required by law.
  6. Conduct the district’s business in the highest ethical and legal manner in compliance of all federal and state rules and regulations plus the district’s adopted policies and procedures.

To Achieve the District’s Goals

  1. Revenues and reserves will be sufficient to cover emergencies and routine expenses and annually operate at a break-even or better level.
  2. Vendors and consultants will be retained who share the district’s strategies and goals.
  3. Strategic partnerships will be encouraged to promote the district’s goals.
  4. Membership and participation will be encouraged with trade associations and organizations that promote the district’s goals.
  5. Promote and encourage communications strategies to better inform our clients.

Adopted by the HCWCID 132 Board of Directors April 17, 2023.

Terry Williams, President